Steaming dumplings 🥟 to celebrate a special occasion 😉 Bonus Tip: Don’t defrost. Just steam💨 or boil🔥 Thank you for your support. It is people like you who keep this Channel alive. Please, like, share, subscribe, and support me on Patreon. To support all my content, please check out my… Continue Reading Food Feature ~ Chinese Dumplings 🥟

Join the channel and enjoy the benefits. Hello everyone Today’s Spicy Food Challenge with Grandpa Beggar King Spicy food mukbang Spicy noodles, Chinese food, Tteokbokki, Korean spicy noodles, Black bean noodle wraps, Giant monster octopus funny mukbang 0:00 Spicy Noodle Emoji Food Challenge 1:07 Chinese Mara Food 2:06 Spicy… Continue Reading mukbang Korean Spicy Noodle, Chinese food How to make Giant monster octopus What a food wizard.

Hairy tofu is what its name suggests: tofu with wisps of white hair growing out of it. The hairs are the result of a fungal spore that inoculates the tofu, giving it a texture akin to blue cheese. It’s a beloved specialty in the Chinese province of Anhui, where people… Continue Reading Why Is This Chinese Tofu Hairy?

The sweetest city in China, Wuxi! I must say, as I traveled China I thought I could just say that the Chinese people do not have a taste for things that are sweet. However, this was until I made it to Wuxi. Where foods are sweeter than most Chinese desserts… Continue Reading SUGAR OVERLOAD!! The SWEETEST City In China, WUXI!

Let’s eat Dongpo Pork today. A Bite of Dongpo Pork Pork, which was not popular thousands of years ago, has now become the most impressive part of the G20 banquet because of the endorsement by Su Dongpo! Nowadays, Dongpo porkis a prominent dish in Hangzhou cuisineand the most impressive dish… Continue Reading Dongpo Pork 东坡肉 |Zhejiang|浙江|红烧肉|中国美食|Chinese food| pork stewed in soy sauce

Embark on an unforgettable journey through China’s top 10 megacities in 2023! From ancient landmarks to modern marvels, experience the diverse culture and rich history of these urban titans. Discover each city’s unique charm as we unveil the future of China today! Source: National Bureau of Statistics of China, 2023… Continue Reading China's Urban Titans: Unveiling the Top 10 Megacities in 2023!

Hangzhou cuisine is already well-known and loved in China, but in recent years the local government has set out to promote its cuisine outside the Middle Kingdom. As part of this ongoing effort, eight top chefs from Hangzhou, capital of the east Chinese Zhejiang Province, recently visited Norway and Finland.… Continue Reading Hangzhou cuisine comes to Helsinki

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Too Deep Local! (Expensive Shandong Lunch) 🇨🇳 My buddies took me deep into the local standing culture to eat a lunch fit for a king! #china #ruralChina #dailyvlog source

Most of the Chinese food enjoyed in the USA is from south China but today we can see the food people from the Jiangsu province (Shanghai area) frequently eat. source