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The food of Shanghai and neighboring Jiangsu Province tends to be sweet. Dishes include sweet and sour fish, sweet soup dumplings, and red-braised duck made with rock sugar. How did sugar become such a big part of this region’s food? This is the eighth episode of our 13-part series on… Continue Reading Why Is Shanghai Food So Sweet? – Eat China (S1E8)

Spice addicts love mala. Wonder what the science behind that is? Also, how did the sensation become the hallmark of Sichuan cuisine? This is the sixth episode of our new season of “Eat China: Back to Basics,” where we answer burning questions you might have about Chinese food. Don’t miss… Continue Reading Why Is Mala so Addictive? All about This Numbing Spicy Sensation | Eat China: Back to Basics S4E6

Changettan’s Restaurant || Peking Orient Chinese Restaurant Tasty Food.. Authentic Chinese and Cantonese Cuisine Must Try… Shot on : iPhone Edited: inshot Pro Music Credits: [Music: 经年 Musician: EnjoyMusic Site: https://enjoymusic.ai Music: 少留 Musician: EnjoyMusic Site: https://enjoymusic.ai source

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Songsong and Ermao use ingredients from their hometowns to make delicious food. The delicacies made by Songsong include: Spicy Big Turtle, Spicy Big Turkey, Fried Bacon with Cactus. These foods are so delicious! Video Chapters: 0:00 Spicy Big Turtle 1:27 Spicy Big Turkey 2:48 Sauteed Bacon with Cactus Hi everyone,… Continue Reading Songsong and Ermao use ingredients from their hometowns to make delicious food | Chinese cuisine

Ingredients pork 2 eggplants salt Sauce garlic Capsicum frutescens soy sauce oyster sauce starch source

00:00 Discovering Sichuan Cuisine 01:50 The Bashu culture 02:52 Sichuan Cuisine 04:06 Mapo Tofu 05:14 Kung Pao Chicken 06:30 Twice-cooked Pork 07:39 Dry-Fried String Beans 08:28 Sichuan Tea 09:55 Food safety issues Join me in this video to learn more about Chinese cuisine you never know from the Chinese takeaway.… Continue Reading Discovering Sichuan Cuisine | Tea with Erping

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