Two-MICHELIN-starred Cantonese restaurant Tin Lung Heen has been using Australian Westholme Wagyu, MBS 6/7, ever since the restaurant first opened. Follow the journey of chef Lau in the video and witness how he breaks away from conventional cooking methods with the help of the Australian wagyu, eventually providing a new… Continue Reading Tin Lung Heen’s Chef Paul Lau On Reinventing Cantonese Cuisine with Australian Wagyu Beef

Subscribe to my channel ▶ ————————————————– —————————————- Uncle Rural Gourmet’s secret recipe of pigeons, so yummy and tasty! Hi, I’m Uncle Rural Gourmet from Northwest China, I enjoy cooking and eating in original ways! Turn on the little bell 🔔 for notification and be the first one to watch our… Continue Reading 9 PIGEONS Roasted Together in Ancient Cooking Way! | Rural Gourmet | Chinese Food Eating Show

Spring rolls, also named ‘spring pancakes’ (春饼) or ‘thin pancakes’ (薄饼), are a traditional Chinese New Year food. Get the recipe : Masterchef Chen Yichun shares tips on how to make fresh spring roll wrappers and spring rolls at home with step by step instructions. #streetfood #springrolls #asmr Spring… Continue Reading How to Make Spring Rolls Wrappers l Authentic Chinese Food

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Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! FOOD RANGER MERCH NOW AVAILABLE! Follow me on Insta: And subscribe to my channel here: Street Food in China! Exotic Chinese Street Food and Seafood in Guangzhou, near Hong Kong! This is the… Continue Reading Chinese Street Food Tour in Guangzhou, China | Exotic Seafood, BBQ Pork, and Street Food in China

cooking | How to cook soft-shelled turtle? | mukbangs | chinese food | mukbang | songsong & ermao,The Chinese delicacies included in the video are:soft-shelled turtle,Kraft roll,Braised pork trotter,Mud snail,Braised cowhide,crucian carp soup,spicy fish,Steamed pork ribs,Spicy Chicken. Video chapters: 0:00 soft-shelled turtle 0:57 Kraft roll 2:37 Braised pork trotter 3:28… Continue Reading cooking | How to cook soft-shelled turtle? | mukbangs | chinese food | mukbang | songsong & ermao

Authentic recipe of Nanjing Salt Water Duck 南京盐水鸭, classic Jiangsu dish with Mandarin & English subtitles. Visit for more authentic Chinese recipes. Subtitles transcribed by Mandarin Meister. source

Amazing cutting skills ~ It’s Culinary Magic to watch Masterchef John Zhang cutting potato into hair-like strips, and he shares a creative recipe, Ultra-Crispy Potato Crust Scallops, that’s so tasty. #knife #masterchef #chineserecipes Subscribe for more awesome Chinese recipes: Wanna learn more about knife skills in Chinese cooking?… Continue Reading Satisfying Knife Skills – Cut Potato l Chinese Recipes by Masterchef

Rice makes up a major part of the diet of more than 3 billion people around the globe. The staple grain is used in savory dishes like Spain’s paella and sweet dishes like Filipino champorado. Rice is believed to have first been cultivated in China, which is also the world’s… Continue Reading 16 Rice Dishes From Around The World