The sweetest city in China, Wuxi! I must say, as I traveled China I thought I could just say that the Chinese people do not have a taste for things that are sweet. However, this was until I made it to Wuxi. Where foods are sweeter than most Chinese desserts… Continue Reading SUGAR OVERLOAD!! The SWEETEST City In China, WUXI!

Title : Yangzhou in My Eyes. In Chinese : 我眼中的扬州 。 Created & Editing By Me (2018) Description: This video is about the beauty of Yangzhou city in china. Yangzhou is the one of the most beautiful city in china. Yangzhou is a city in China’s Jiangsu province. 扬州是江苏省的一个城市。In this… Continue Reading YANGZHOU IN MY EYES 2018 (我眼中的扬州)Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. Welcome to Yangzhou City.

Keywords: Nanjing Eye, Wenzhou cuisine The original design of the Nanjing Eye Pedestrian Bridge by the firm of Zaha Hadid, also responsible for the nearby Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre, initially harbored much bigger ambitions, but constraints forced the plan to downscale, but even then the result was sufficient to… Continue Reading In-Season Wenzhou Crabs Have Lots More Than Just Meat, and Wenzhou Fishballs Don't Look Like Balls

Most of the Chinese food enjoyed in the USA is from south China but today we can see the food people from the Jiangsu province (Shanghai area) frequently eat. source

Assalamu Alaikum… Welcome to my channel.. This is the video of street market in Zhejiang Jiangsu province China. Besides Jiangsu University. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe my channel. Goodbye. See you in my next video. source

Street food Finger Food China Jiangsu Province 4K UHD. Trying some Finger Food from the streets of Wuxi China in Jiangsu province China. Please subscribe to our youtube channel to get notified of new videos every day: Rendered on Samsung Galaxy S8 Take a Chance Kevin MacLeod (… Continue Reading Street food Finger Food China Jiangsu Province 4K UHD