Calling out foodies of Sichuan cuisine! At Sichuan Cuisine Museum in Chengdu, an array of exciting activities are underway in conjunction with the Dragon Boat Festival. From worshiping the Kitchen God at the ancestral hall to watching a blindfolded chef cutting “golden silk noodles”, to brewing chili bean paste –… Continue Reading Live: Feasting and learning at Sichuan Cuisine Museum 走进成都川菜博物馆,感受别样 “川味” 端午

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When it comes to Sichuan cuisine, what would you think of first? Mapo tofu, boiled fish or spicy chicken? Most of us have the impression that Sichuan Cuisine is only “ma”(numb) and “la”(spicy). ….You may not know this, but Sichuan cuisine is about the taste of a hundred dishes: A… Continue Reading Ep3 – Sichuan cuisine = 'Ma La'???

After thousands of years of development and inheritance, Sichuan cuisine has become a highly inspiring name card of Sichuan in the world. Today’s Sichuan is embracing the world with an open attitude. When Sichuan cuisine meets Michelin, what wonderful chemical reactions will it encounter? Let’s embark on a food journey… Continue Reading When Sichuan Cuisine Meets Michelin