London’s HKK restaurant has a world-renowned Chinese tasting menu and a philosophy around modernising traditional Cantonese recipes. HKK’s Executive Head Chef, Tong Chee Hwee, talks to Fine Dining TV about how the selection of tasting menus was inspired by traditional Chinese banqueting combined with modern sous vide techniques with authentic… Continue Reading HKK – A modern take on traditional Cantonese dining

Cheong Fun – a.k.a. Rice Noodle Roll – are a classic at Dim Sum, but they’re also a hyper common breakfast street food in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Whether at Dim Sum or on the street, the rice noodle rolls are steamed with these massive steaming machines – something we’ll… Continue Reading Cheung Fun, Authentic Cantonese Rice Noodle Rolls (布拉肠粉)

Today I teamed up with one of my favorite NYC Chinatown food carts to spend the day making and selling some classic southern Chinese street food known as cheung fun 腸粉, which is essentially Cantonese rice noodles which come with a variety of toppings including Hong Kong style curry fish… Continue Reading White Guy Sells Chinese Street Food in Cantonese, Customers SHOCKED

If you are craving Asian food in Los Angeles, you will find lots of choices in the Chinatown in Downtown LA. There are restaurants specialising in Hong Kong, Vietnamese, Chinese and Filippino cuisines, serving food in traditional and new styles. As you walk around this neighbourhood a short walk from… Continue Reading Exploring the Chinatown in Los Angeles, we found Cantonese food, Bruce Lee, and Central Plaza

XO sauce is an iconic and versatile condiment in Cantonese cuisine. Traditionally it is made of various dried seafood, but today I will show you how you can make a vegan version at home that is equally delicious. Try it with stir-fried dishes or mix it with roasted vegetables, it… Continue Reading Homemade Vegan XO Sauce | Secret to Delicious Cantonese Cuisine

Stir-fried beef with bitter gourd is very classic Cantonese food recommendation source