Deuki Hong, founder and chef of Sunday Hospitality Group, is in his backyard cooking Jajangmyeon. This black bean noodle dish is a Koreanified take on a Shandong dish brought over by the Chinese in the early 1900s. Deuki starts by frying chunjang, a Korean black bean paste, to create a… Continue Reading Korean Chinese Black Bean Noodles

How Aircraft Carriers work. We’ll explore the amazing life of 5000 people who call this massive vessel their home and workplace. Full Documentary video. You’ll be amazed at the incredible scale of this floating city and the sheer size of the ship’s engines, weaponry, and flight deck. We’ll show you… Continue Reading City At Sea: How 5000 People Live and Work Aboard Massive US Aircraft Carriers | Full Documentary

#food #crab #chinesefood #delicious #asmr #howto #howtocook #eating #china Like southern fists meet northern feet, Shaolin meets Wudang, dining tables is a place for such metaphorical fist fights where southern and northern cuisine are so distinctive. With the help of crabs, you’ll be shown the cooking styles of North and… Continue Reading Steamed, fried, liquor-soaked……countless ways of cooking crabs in China | China Documentary

Underneath a plaza in Madrid lies one of Spain’s greatest culinary secrets. Cafetería Yulong Zhou is home to some of the best Chinese food in the country. Getting there, however is another story. With no exact address or email, trying to find the restaurant takes some expert sleuthing. With the… Continue Reading Searching for Madrid’s Secret Chinese Restaurant

This is one episode in the series “Invite Mr. Wright”, for more in the series, please check out the playlist: If you like our channel, you may subscribe to it at You may also follow us on various social media: Facebook: Twitter: VK: Sina Weibo:… Continue Reading Invite Mr Wright — Anhui 有请伊恩·莱特 安徽

David and his friends are visiting China and have their minds open to various new experiences. You may follow them and let them to open an interesting China for you through the playlist: Even in just one city, you can taste food from all over China. David is having… Continue Reading Open China EP29 The Chinese eight cuisines 2 八大菜系(下)

In Shanghai, we go to one of the city’s biggest and most beautiful food markets. Here, we can find products from every single province of China. We meet some merchants selling on-the-spot meals. A chef from a very famous Shanghai restaurant makes, just for us, two traditional recipes that anyone… Continue Reading The inventive cuisine of Shanghai | WIDE

David R. Chan isn’t your typical Chinese food enthusiast. He can’t speak Chinese, he doesn’t use chopsticks, and he grew up barely eating anything Chinese. But the Los Angeles native has over his adult life, obsessively eaten at over 7,000 Chinese restaurants, mostly in America, and has them all methodically… Continue Reading Obsessed: This Guy Has Eaten at Over 7,000 Chinese Restaurants

Description: [subscribe our channel – more wonderful documentaries: ] [synopsis] 《THE CHINA WAY – SHANDONG Land of Confucius》 is a large cultural documentary series begins with 《THE CHINA WAY》, the documentary is under historian, Asian pop culture expert Jonathan Clements’ unique perspective, deeply mining the thousands years of Chinese… Continue Reading 《THE CHINA WAY – SHANDONG Land of Confucius》A Different Shan Dong [HD]