Hey Laowinners! Donate and support this channel through Bitcoin : 1L7LJrpNQZMvog4esPn2oEiK1uBN81DVAS Support me on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/laowhy86 My wife has never tried Chinese food in America before. I took her to the most average restaurant I could find to try the most popular dishes that the average American orders. She bases… Continue Reading Chinese Girl Tries American Chinese Food

David R. Chan isn’t your typical Chinese food enthusiast. He can’t speak Chinese, he doesn’t use chopsticks, and he grew up barely eating anything Chinese. But the Los Angeles native has over his adult life, obsessively eaten at over 7,000 Chinese restaurants, mostly in America, and has them all methodically… Continue Reading Obsessed: This Guy Has Eaten at Over 7,000 Chinese Restaurants

Who was General Tso? When did America become obsessed with Chinese takeout? And what’s the difference between Chinese food in America and Chinese food in… China? With unique insight from CEO of Xi’an Famous Foods, Jason Wang. Seriously, if you’re in New York you have to try it, the food… Continue Reading Chinese Food in America: A Brief History

We went to the BEST rated Chinese restaurant in NYC (well, best rated in Brooklyn at least), with a 4.5 star review on Yelp, and found one of the most unique Chinese restaurants we’ve ever been to. Holed up in a small corner of Bushwick, it barely looks like a… Continue Reading THIS is the BEST Rated Chinese Restaurant in NYC?!

Chinese-Americans have a long history of facing exclusion in the U.S. As a means of survival, many first-wave Chinese immigrants opened restaurants and catered Chinese food to American tastebuds. Want more? Check out this similar video from AJ+: https://youtu.be/Sm8Yx-gWlMs Watch Part 2: The Untold Story Of America’s Southern Chinese https://youtu.be/2NMrqGHr5zE… Continue Reading How Chop Suey Saved San Francisco's Chinatown [Chinese Food: An All-American Cuisine, Pt. 1] | AJ+

So I brought my Chinese friend and a Chinese stranger we found on the subway in NYC to try the absolute WORST rated American Chinese restaurant in NYC, as judged by Yelp (1 star review!). The result was pretty epic. We got all the American Chinese food classics like lo… Continue Reading Chinese Guys Try NYC's Worst Rated Chinese Restaurant