David R. Chan isn’t your typical Chinese food enthusiast. He can’t speak Chinese, he doesn’t use chopsticks, and he grew up barely eating anything Chinese. But the Los Angeles native has over his adult life, obsessively eaten at over 7,000 Chinese restaurants, mostly in America, and has them all methodically logged in an Excel spreadsheet. This is his story.


Sichuan Pork Ribs Made With Tea (Chef’s Plate Ep. 16)

Wonton Noodles Remixed from A Chinese-American Chef



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31 thoughts on “Obsessed: This Guy Has Eaten at Over 7,000 Chinese Restaurants”

  1. This guy is funny he only ate white rice and soy sauce with a fork. Man's like the most American man I have ever heard. If he was wearing a cowboy hat and boots that would be cool.

  2. How come when Asians are thin as a rail they don’t get the anorexic look thing about them and any other race there’s something wrong with them like they’re on drugs or somethings wrong with them if so thin

  3. So much of Chinese culture, heritage and actual daily life is defined by food, and so David's story is so intrinsic to life as an American born Chinese person. He enjoys food so clearly and also would be the ideal dining companion on a roadtrip stateside, would be great if he holidayed in the UK and sampled what is available over here which I suspect is far inferior to what he has been accustomed to lol.

  4. I miss good Chinese food. Born and raised in NY I never realized how lucky I was until moving to NH. The worst Chinese and pizza one could imagine.

  5. Is there somewhere we can find the entire (preferably up-to-date) list of all the restaurants he’s visited? It would be neat if we could search our area for establishments he’s visited.

  6. I like it how the lady at the restaurant pushes a cart and the patrons get to pick a delicacy from it. That's the kind of Chinese restaurant I like. Haven't been to one like that in a long time.

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