This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gala’s stage is in Zhangjiagang, in China’s Jiangsu Province. Together with CGTN’s Melody Zhang, we will explore the famous Tianzhuang Ancient Street, practice singing Heyang folk songs, experience stone rubbing, taste delicious Jiangsu cuisine and look forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival night. For more: Subscribe… Continue Reading Roaming around Tianzhuang Ancient Street

To discuss Chinese cuisine developing overseas and the Eight Culinary Traditions of China, CGTN’s Asieh Namdar spoke to Jiayang Fan, staff writer at the New Yorker. Watch CGTN LIVE on your computer, tablet or mobile Subscribe to CGTN America on YouTube Follow CGTN America: Twitter: @cgtnamerica Facebook: @cgtnamerica Google+:… Continue Reading Jiayang Fan talks about Chinese cuisine developing overseas

L’Empire des saveurs 09/23/2017 ” L’Empire des saveurs ” se veut être une porte vers les mille et un délices de la Chine gastronomique et de pays voisins. Cette émission vous émoustillera les papilles tout en vous dévoilant quelques-uns des grands mystères qui planent au-dessus des fourneaux et des woks… Continue Reading L’Empire des saveurs – Gastronomie du Shandong

Seven people were killed and four others injured after a fire broke out at a chemical plant in east China’s Shandong Province. A statement from the city government said the accident happened at one of the company’s workshops at around 9:20 AM local time Tuesday. The fire has been extinguished,… Continue Reading Chemical plant fire kills 7, injures 4 in Shandong Province

Les autorités locales ont lancé des opérations d’intervention d’urgence dans les régions orientales de la Chine, alors que le typhon Infa provoque de fortes pluies et des inondations. La ville de Ningbo dans la province du Zhejiang a émis le plus haut niveau d’alerte au typhon. Plus de 280 mille… Continue Reading Des milliers de personnes évacuées dans les provinces chinoises du Zhejiang et du Fujian

Dans la province orientale chinoise du #Shandong, un concours de 3 mois rassemblant le meilleur des cuisines chinoise et internationale est en cours. Allons voir ce qui se mijote. Le concours se déroule sur le thème “Nouvelle ère, nouvelle cuisine du Shandong” et vise à développer de nouveaux plats populaires.… Continue Reading Dans le Shandong, les cuisines innovantes chinoises et internationales sont à l'honneur

San Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest and largest Chinatown in the United States, but with Chinese restaurants and shops sprouting in most suburbs, the area has fallen on hard times. A new venture called China Live is looking to breathe new life into the community. Subscribe to us on YouTube:… Continue Reading New venture hopes to revive San Francisco’s Chinatown food culture

Mexicali, a city that hugs the U.S./Mexico border, is known for its Chinese food. Now the city is honoring its history with Chinese immigration through a new museum dedicated to the city’s fusion of Chinese and Mexican food. source

Just south of Tiananmen Square and the Qianmen Archery Tower lies Qianmen Street – a bustling hub of food, shops and entertainment in central Beijing. Among the myriad food options, Peking Duck is a must-try. Since as early as in Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the dish has graced the banquet tables… Continue Reading The ULTIMATE Chinese Food Tour: Peking Duck in Beijing