Crystal pork terrine is a specialty of Zhenjiang, a small river town of Jiangsu province. Famed for its translucent jelly texture and beautiful pink and white color, the pork terrine is usually eaten with vinegar and ginger dip as an appetizer. Recipe: Subscribe for more awesome Chinese recipes:… Continue Reading How crystal pork is made • Taste Show

Shanghai Fried Noodles(上海粗炒面) is the perfect easy weeknight meal. Chinese Masterchef John Zhang shows you how to make this stir fry noodles from scratch. Recipe: This classic Shanghai fried noodles can be easily found in most Shanghai restaurants in Hong Kong. This dish isn’t really Shanghainese at all. It… Continue Reading How to Make Perfect Shanghai Fried Noodles by Chinese Masterchef 上海粗炒面

If you want to find me, I am probably on one of these platforms showcasing my “kungfu” like Bruce Lee to the Western world! Instagram: TikTok: source

If you want to find me, I am probably on one of these platforms showcasing my “kungfu” like Bruce Lee to the Western world! Instagram: TikTok: source

Ein deutscher Koch auf der Suche nach der authentischen chinesischen Küche. Noch mehr zum Thema Kochen & Co. im Abo: ——————————————————————————————- Foodle — Food & Recipe. Hier dreht sich alles ums Thema Essen. Ob Kochtutorials, Lebensmittelkunde, Ernährungstipps oder die Zubereitung internationaler Spezialitäten — hier kommt jeder Hobbykoch auf seine… Continue Reading Traditionell chinesische Küche I Foodle — Food & Recipe

Today you will learn about as well as how to make Yangzhou Fried Rice, a well-known dish in many restaurants throughout China and Western countries. Make sure to subscribe, like the video and turn on notifications if you want great content like this in the future! I will be posting… Continue Reading Chinese Masterchef Video Yangzhou Fried Rice Cultural assignment

Masterchef John Zhang shows you 2 ways on how to cook shrimp that’re super tasty with step by step instruction. You’ll also learn Chef John’s tips on how to make tea that’s perfect for this shrimp recipe. Recipe: Crispy Shrimp with Honey Lime Sauce #shrimprecipe #cookshrimp #tea Longjing… Continue Reading Super Tasty Tea Shrimp and Fried Shrimp Recipe • Taste Show

Full recipe in description! Ginger & Scallion Lobster Noodles at Home Ingredients: 3 x 600g Red Rock Lobster 3 x Scallion 2 x Corriander 1 Pack Yee Mian Egg Noodles Flavoured Chinese Chicken Stock Salt to Taste 1/2 Tbs YumYum 1/2 Tbs Chicken Powder 1 tsp White Pepper 1 Tbs… Continue Reading Lobster Noodles Exactly Like Chinese Restaurant – How to

The Leung family food blog serves up favorite home-cooked meals and traditional Chinese recipes. Now they put it all in a new cookbook called “The Woks of Life.” READ MORE: SUBSCRIBE to GMA’s YouTube page: VISIT GMA’s homepage: SIGN UP to get the daily GMA Wake-Up Newsletter:… Continue Reading The Leung family serves up generational Chinese cuisine in new cookbook | GMA

Masterchef John Zhang shows you how to make one of the popular and classic Shrimp recipe from Shandong, China. Get the recipe👉 #shrimp #shrimprecipe #masterchef Subscribe our YouTube channel for more easy and tasty recipes: ==================== More delicious shrimp recipes: ==================== Are you craving for yummy food?… Continue Reading Simple Shrimp Recipe that Is Awesome | Cooking with Masterchef • Taste Show