So I brought my Chinese friend and a Chinese stranger we found on the subway in NYC to try the absolute WORST rated American Chinese restaurant in NYC, as judged by Yelp (1 star review!). The result was pretty epic. We got all the American Chinese food classics like lo mein, egg drop soup, sweet and sour soup, kung pao chicken, and of course, General Tso’s chicken. Totally different from authentic Chinese food but still nice in its own way — right??? Until we came here!

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37 thoughts on “Chinese Guys Try NYC's Worst Rated Chinese Restaurant”

  1. the guy on the subway looks so similar to my boyfriend with the hair, glasses, shirt, tattoos, and everything😭😭😭even his lankiness. it's uncanny… only my bf is wasian

  2. Haha! Come to Tn. you will not find any good Asian or Mexican food places here, I being from San Diego, Ca I really do miss the food. Tired of biscuits and gravy Lol

  3. I know this video is 2 years old, but you need to track this guy from the subway down and bring both of them to the best rated Chinese restaurant in NYC as a cool counterpart to this video, that would be awesome.

  4. Adorable stranger! Have him come along to further food adventures. love how he made the random friend on the train feel included . keep up the good videos.

  5. I hate when I gotta travel out of a major city and all you can find are those horrible western Chinese places. Some of them the vegtables are so old, there's so much stale sauce, yuck.

  6. i think everything is said about a "restaurant" that serves it's dine in clients on plastic plates with plastic cutlery. sets the tone for a bad experience IMO.

  7. Soaking outdated meat in a solution of water and chlorine gets rid of slime. Just saying a store in Virginia got busted for that years ago. Just Saying.🤮🤮🤮

  8. Most of the strip mall Chinese food places in America have basically the same menu, and the same 3 or so Chinese food wholesalers. I don't know, I've always liked it, especially the Hot and Sour soup, egg rolls, Lo Mein and Sweet and Sour or General's Chicken. Guess I need to try an authentic Chinese restaurant to see how much better it is.

  9. This is good content but taste in food is relative. I'd probably love that place cause the food looks just like the chinese food where I'm from, missouri, and I havent been exposed to much authentic chinese food.

  10. All three of you have such an amazing sense of humour and I can tell you all made each other’s experience better with it I love it

  11. If you fo to a place to not like the food and you look like you will puke berfore tasting it cant taste. Psychological effect.

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