We went to the BEST rated Chinese restaurant in NYC (well, best rated in Brooklyn at least), with a 4.5 star review on Yelp, and found one of the most unique Chinese restaurants we’ve ever been to. Holed up in a small corner of Bushwick, it barely looks like a restaurant on the outside, but on the inside they’ve got some truly unbeatable American Chinese food. Check it out!!!

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37 thoughts on “THIS is the BEST Rated Chinese Restaurant in NYC?!”

  1. I live in Texas but when I was younger I lived in Brooklyn n the Chinese was boom 🤯❤️😭🥹 I wanna go back just to eat there again 😢 Chinese n pizza is known for New York but for me I love the Chinese food 🥘

  2. IDK about the US but in New Zealand , I swear the most absolute shithole looking restaurants serve the best food. like if the entrance looks abandoned then I know they gonna serve me the best food ever.

  3. … lol I was about to get offended when she said black peoples love the chicken and French fries.. but I live in Brooklyn and that’s literally my go to 🤣🤣

  4. I've seen this place reviewed for the mumbo sauce and it had an amazing review. I was laughing when you guys arrived in the ghetto restaurant because I recognized it but I know they have amazing food. Im glad you enjoyed it as authentic Chinese food lovers. Never judge a book by its cover.

  5. John's got a really great sense of humour!

    I was thinking the exact same thing when he realised all the customers were regulars. "It must be the same 7 people giving it great reviews".

    Forgive me for the awful ignorance I'm about to convey, but I think it's important, despite how it pictures me.
    I've never really interacted with chinese people. The few chinese people I do know are 2nd or 3rd generation living in the UK.
    My lack of engagement with chinese people, mixed with what I think I know about china (from western media), makes me unconsciously view chinese people as oppressed, and muted.

    John's sense of humour is totally contradictory to the sort of unconscious feelings I guess I've built up over the years, and it's refreshing to see those feelings being challenged.

    I'm consciously aware that other cultures exist besides my own. I've dabbled in learning languages and travelled a bit in my life, but my experience with china and chinese people has been severely limited and westernised, to the point where I'm apparently surprised to learn that they're just normal people with a different cultural background.

    Always trying to challenge and ultimately rid myself of these unconscious thoughts and biases I hold towards others, but having grown up in a place where more than 95% of people are white natives just like me, it's a hard thing to shake.

  6. Well it's the Multi Cultural North America so generally Asian North Americans such as people who live up from Canada and the United States back in the US over in the USA do their names differently than compared back in Asia while none American Asians use their Culture's Names for themselves instead…I'm actually from Canada and has family and in laws living down in the U.S. so I find your video comment and their Friendship to be what's known as Awesome and Incredible for Incredibly Incredible Awesomeness…I'm sure there were other Asian North Americans and not none American Asians Living in Asia also commenting on this video too and were actually thinking coming and heading down over to North America for their Chinese American Food especially up over in Canada…I have a mild but not severe learning disability and autism which were also two other Reasons why I Adore and Admire their Heroic Friendship but was also an only son and child growing up with only a half brother back over in the Philippines…Johnny with a Bohnny is a Great Dude and so were his two Asian Friends from the previous video where they ate at that Disgustingly Gross Chinese place in NYC prior to the Good One here such as referring to General Tsao…Imagine if this Awesome American Restaurant with Chinese Food was unexpectedly or even unknowingly going out of Business fast or even within just a couple or few years time and Desperately Needed the Money in order to Support them and their Business, well generally YouTubers who have a Google Adsense Account and Bank Account connected to that one particular Google Adsense Account would be Able to either Tip them in Hundreds and Thousands.!!! So with that being said Torag55, well he's tipped Chinese Restaurants there over in New York City just outside of Chicago closer to New Jersey before here on John's Channel XiaomaNYC…Imagine if these sort of types of kinds of YouTubers such as like himself for Instance actually had their very own Brand New Business Card that not only could you find it Easier to do Business with them, but also find it a whole lot more Easier if you're the type of Person and/or-Individual who has an Interest in actually doing so that you actually would've Funded them either a Thousand or a Million Dollars from your own Adsense Account to theirs both by views and also in person face to face directly to their very own Personal Bank Account Connected to their Adsense Account for YouTube…There's more, but save it for next one since my YouTube Video Comment was already way too long Torag but you get the point and can Understand my point.!!! <3 (Y)

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