Today we’re acting as your local Japan food guides and trying Yokohama’s most famous “ekiben” bento lunchbox for the first time in the great outdoors. *More from Japan* *LAST JAPAN TRAVEL VIDEO:* (Best early cherry blossom spot near Tokyo) *MORE JAPAN TRIP IDEAS:* ・ What to eat, see &… Continue Reading [LOCAL JAPAN FOOD GUIDE] Travelling to Eat Japan’s Best-Selling “Ekiben” Bento Box

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Kobe Japan has a little China town that mixes both Kobe Beef together with traditional Chinese style cooking, this place is seriously delicious, and for only a few dollars you can try some amazing food. I tried Kobe Beef Sushi, Soup Dumplings, Pork Hamburger and Shrimp Buns ✬ ✬JOIN THE… Continue Reading Eating My Way Through Japan's BEST Street Food | Kobe Chinatown

Time/时间: May 25,2020 Coffee ☕️ : Patreon: Map route(Blue 59)/地图路线(蓝色59): Equipment/设备: FDR-AX700 – Sony, stabilizer like Ronin-S – DJI Brief introduction/内容简介: 00:00 浙江中路 25:17 北海路 32:55 广东路 Introduction/介绍:广东路,是上海市黄浦区一条东西向马路。东起中山东一路,西达西藏中路,全长1447米,为沥青路面。此路曾称为北门街、宝善街、正丰街等。1865年起改称Canton Road,但由于清朝时「广州市」被仍然称作「广东省城」(广州市市政厅1921年2月15日成立),英文为「Canton」,遂中文常为人略写作广东路并沿用至今。 在上海开埠前,通向黄浦江共有四条土路,广东路所在的位置便是其中一条土路。1845年,在签订第一次土地章程之时规定“商人租定基地内,前议留出浦大路四条……一在四分地之南……”[2],该条土路得以保留,并在1846年以后被改筑为现代道路,最初设计为二丈宽[3]。由于该路靠近上海县城的北门,故最初称为北门街。 1850年代起,英租界道路码头委员会将道路逐渐延伸。到1862年,马路的最西端已经到达今天浙江中路的位置。其中今天河南中路至福建中路的一段被称为宝善街,一度成为戏院、茶馆、青楼业聚集的中心[4]。福建中路至浙江中路的一段则称为正丰街。街道名称来源于开设在其上的正丰酱园[5]。 1862年,随着第二跑马场的拆除,马路再度延伸到泥城浜。新筑的一段因此称为西正丰街,而原先的则被称为东正丰街。1865年,为了改变混乱的租界道路名称,公共租界工部局将北门街、宝善街、正丰街统一命名。当时工部局将东西向道路统一使用中国的主要城市作为名称,该路遂被命名为Canton Road,俗称五马路。由于清朝时并未有“广州市”,“Canton”一词是指“广东省城”,因此后来在翻译中被译作广东路,并沿用至今。[1] 早期,广东路东段多是洋行的堆栈。原宝善街的部分则在1870年代前后便成为主要的娱乐业中心。原东正丰街的部分,则有上海第一个公用电话亭,并配有专线直接十六铺。1920年代初,广东路东部则出现了三菱洋行、日清汽船会社等机构,而西段则以商业和居住区为主。 Reference website/参考网站: Not a vlog, just a record; if you have a better suggestion, please leave… Continue Reading 【4K】上海漫步浙江中路&广东路街景/Shanghai stroll Zhejiang Middle Road Guangdong Road Street view

■日本語説明は下方 Hunan cuisine, also known as Xiang cuisine, consists of the cuisines of the Xiang River region, Dongting Lake and western Hunan Province in China. It is one of the Eight Great Traditions of Chinese cuisine and is well known for its hot and spicy flavours,fresh aroma and deep colours.… Continue Reading 【道頓堀】湖南料理 湘味食府 Hunan Cuisine

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Nagasaki Chinatown, one of the 3 biggest Chinatowns in Japan (together with the Yokohama and Kobe ones). With lots of restaurants, shops and food stands it offers an experience you shouldn’t miss! Thank you very much for watching! For any question about travel or living in Japan I’m available on… Continue Reading STREET FOOD and More in CHINATOWN | Nagasaki Trip

Please 👍 to support our work and follow our channel for more videos in Japan! 🇯🇵 Yokohama is just few minutes away from Tokyo and my favorite place here is without any doubt Chinatown! 🇨🇳 The atmosphere in Yokohama Chinatown is really unique. You will find stalls everywhere selling delicious… Continue Reading 🐲 [4K HDR] Discover Yokohama Chinatown | Busy Streets, Delicious Street Food and Beautiful Temple