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Eating hot pot is a joyful experience. Platters of raw ingredients surround large pot of broth, bubbling on the table. It’s not just a dish—it’s an experience. Chef Bao shows you step by step recipes on making delicious hot pot. Now you can make hot pot at home and enjoy… Continue Reading Top 4 Hot Pot in China | Chinese Food | Taste Show

Braised pork balls in gravy are one of the representative dishes in Chinese Shandong cuisine. The four big meatballs represent the four major happy events of life, wealth, longevity and marriage. The auspicious meaning of this dish makes it a popular choice for all kinds of festive banquets, the finale… Continue Reading Braised Pork Balls in Gravy 👍 四喜丸子

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The secret has been revealed! Treat your tastebuds to Chef Brian Tsao’s mouth-watering Chinese Dumpling recipe, complete with ground pork, Napa Cabbage and rice wine. CHEF BRIAN TSAO’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfnokf-gMED7xQO6pomK0g #ChineseDumpling #Dumplings #Recipe #RiceWine DUMPLING RECIPE: YIELD: 30-36pc Note: This is the standard dumpling recipe. The measurements in the… Continue Reading Secret Chinese Dumpling Recipe Revealed | Chef Brian Tsao | Everyday Food

👋🏻 WHO AM I : Holla, I am Mama Sloot. I lived in various countries before for my study and work. I am such a foodie but living in a Western country as an Asian has been a rough journey because my tastebud is very very Asian. Hence I try… Continue Reading 芥蓝牛肉 – A classic dish of Cantonese cuisine

Delicious & Famous Shiitake Mushroom Chicken. Try it at home! leave us some comments. Ingredients: Chicken thigh 800g (no bone and skin) Shiitake mushroom 50g (wash and soak for hours) Ginger 4 slices Onion 2 pcs Garlic 1/2 pc Sesame seed 2 table spoons Soya sauce 3 table spoons White… Continue Reading How to Cook Famous Shiitake Mushroom Chicken – Chinese / Cantonese Cuisine

For three dollars you could have orange chicken, chow mein, kung pao pork, and a side of rice. If you’re at a restaurant, that might only get you a side of rice. Get My Cookbook: http://bit.ly/JWCookbookAmazon Additional Cookbook Options (other stores, international, etc.): https://bit.ly/TheJWCookbook FOLLOW ME: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshuaweissman Tik Tok:… Continue Reading $3 Chinese Takeout Meal