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The original design of the Nanjing Eye Pedestrian Bridge by the firm of Zaha Hadid, also responsible for the nearby Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre, initially harbored much bigger ambitions, but constraints forced the plan to downscale, but even then the result was sufficient to win a prestigious Arthur G. Hayden Medal.
由著名的扎哈·哈迪德事务所操刀的南京眼步行桥原设计更复杂 (也是附近南京国际青年文化中心背后的创意团队),但各种局限导致计划不得不降级,不过”瘦身”后的南京眼仍然足以赢得名声赫赫的阿瑟·海登奖。

After overcoming numerous challenges, such as locating piling barges powerful enough to get the job done while small enough to pass under the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, and achieving aesthetic perfection by realizing seemingly seamless connections between the components of the eye-like towers, the footbridge opened just in time for the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games.

Eight years later, another Olympic Games will be hosted in the other “jing” of China – capital Beijing. As expected, preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics are progressing as planned, so get ready for game time and witness Beijing make history as the world’s first dual Olympic city (to host both Summer and Winter Games)!
八年后,又一个奥运会即将在中国的另一”京” —— 首都北京开幕。貌似准备工作正在有序进行,历史性的北京”双奥”令人期待!

PS: If you haven’t gotten enough of the large yellow croaker in this video, this more from 1:10 onward.

PPS: For the gorgeous autumn colors of Xuanwu Lake seen during the day

Name: 斑玛·瓯越海鲜坊
Add.: 乐山路209号,仁恒江湾新天地1楼 (江苏南京 Nanjing, Jiangsu)
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Cost (this meal): RMB 350/p
Price (online info): RMB 185/p