qwzhang.com/americansinchinesekitchens Sichuan Province is located in the southwest part of China. Sichuan cuisine, known as Chuan Cai, is popular among people all over China. Sichuan cuisine is notable for its spicy flavor. In this video, Anna Ellis, who lived in Sichuan for 15 years, has a chance to try authentic… Continue Reading Episode 4 Sichuan Cuisine

qwzhang.com/americansinchinesekitchens Shandong Province is located in the north part and east coast of China. Shandong cuisine is known for its salty and fresh taste. In this video, Yong Shen, a PhD candidate in Genetics & Genomics at the University of Florida, will show Amara White, a undergraduate in Psychology Pre-Physicians… Continue Reading Episode 1 Homemade Shandong Cuisine

qwzhang.com/americansinchinesekitchens Jiangsu Province is located on the middle and east coast of China, which is close to Shanghai. There is great diversity among Jiangsu cuisine. Generally speaking, however, Jiangsu cuisine is featured with its detailed food preparation and processing. The taste is delicate, leaning more towards sweetness. In this video,… Continue Reading Episode 3 Jiangsu Cuisine