A leaning tower, a former great capital, water towns and a republican mausoleum. All of these things are neatly packed into this one Chinese province that used to be at the heart of the Chinese civilization: Jiangsu. Please consider supporting this channel via Patreon by accessing the link bellow. Any… Continue Reading China's Forgotten Heartland: Jiangsu Province

Authentic Chinese food: see how Hunan local farmer making an eel dish. More about Hunan farmhouse food please visit: http://bit.ly/1FwnHUS Video Editing by VideoPad (affiliate): http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-8351543-10838959 Check My review here: http://bit.ly/videopad-review Thanks for watching. Hope you like it. Please share, leave your questions or comments. More videos to come, please… Continue Reading China Hunan Local Eel Dish (www.China-Memo.com)

In today’s VLOG, March 28th, my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Gary leave Ningbo today, so me and Gary took a long ride around DongQian. He got a chance to test out my trike and give me his thoughts on it. Ran into a couple students….. and flew the drone around… Continue Reading TRIKES and BIKES, CHINESE FOOD and IMPRESSIONS of CHINA