could any one help me translate this video ? recipe translate recipe chinese food source

Voici la rediffusion d’un reportage gastronomique dans la province du Jiangsu. 这是一段来自江苏省的美食报道。 source

* Steel pan/wok: 1. Helen Chen 12 inch 2. Joyce Chen 12 inch Just get the cheaper one of the two above – they are identical. You want a carbon steel or cast iron pan because it transmits heat much better than aluminum ones, e.g. T-fal. Virtually all… Continue Reading Real Chinese Cooking Jiangsu 苏菜 三丁包子 Jiangsu Province is located on the middle and east coast of China, which is close to Shanghai. There is great diversity among Jiangsu cuisine. Generally speaking, however, Jiangsu cuisine is featured with its detailed food preparation and processing. The taste is delicate, leaning more towards sweetness. In this video,… Continue Reading Episode 3 Jiangsu Cuisine