Shandong Province is located in the north part and east coast of China. Shandong cuisine is known for its salty and fresh taste. In this video, Yong Shen, a PhD candidate in Genetics & Genomics at the University of Florida, will show Amara White, a undergraduate in Psychology Pre-Physicians Assistant at the University of Florida, how to cook two homemade Shandong dishes and a soup with an easy-to-go approach. Shen also talks about how Chinese people follow a specific order to eat at the table. Get recipes in the video at qwzhang.com/americansinchinesekitchens


4 thoughts on “Episode 1 Homemade Shandong Cuisine”

  1. I lived in Jinan for 8 years. I don't like seafood, but would love a tutorial on making marinated cauliflower, carmelized eggplant, peanut salad, and beef stew with potatoes and star anise. I could go on and on.

  2. Which city is Professor Shen from?

    I am a Shandong ABC, always glad to see another 山東人! I'd love to learn how to cook Shandong cuisine but sometimes I feel like my 奶奶 doesn't want to teach me!

    希望我以後可以去山東! ^^

    BTW, 我的奶奶是榮成人 哈哈哈

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