In today’s 4K HDR 60 fps virtual night walking tour, we will walk around Sunday CROWDED with tourists Chinatown (Yaowarat Road) in Bangkok and see a lot of Thai and Chinese street food. 🇹🇭 Enjoy! Date: September 2022 Time: Around 8 PM Time Stamps: 00:00 A Quick Preview 01:54 Chinatown… Continue Reading 4K HDR // Night Walk in Chinatown 2022 | Street Food | Bangkok, Thailand

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Captured by Panasonic GH5 in Oakland for Best Chinese Restaurant called Shandong Restaurant If you’re a fan of hand pulled noodles, then Shandong is the place for you! The restaurant is relatively small, but food comes quick when you order.  It has awesome options for vegetarian which is very rare… Continue Reading One Of The Best Chinese Restaurants In USA (Shandong Restaurant)