Although the name of the dish is often translated as “sliced beef poached in chili oil”, it has so much more. Recipe: The chef uses stir fried vegetables as the base, then poach the sliced beef in chicken stock with added spices. Then the sliced beef is topped with… Continue Reading Mouthwatering Szechuan Beef • Sichuan Recipe •  Taste Show

Beef stir fry that tastes like nothing else. Recipe: #beefstirfry #stirfrybeef #chinesebeef The spicy dry-fried beef is a perfect example of the dry-frying technique unique to Sichuan cuisine. The shredded beef is un-marinated, quickly stir fried in a wok to drive off the moisture and intensify the beef flavor.… Continue Reading Mouthwatering spicy beef, dry-fried • Sichuan Recipe • Taste Show

It’s Wok Wednesday and for this week’s episode Jeremy is making one of Hunan’s most well known dishes. . . This quick and delicious beef stir fry is full of heat, spice and depth of flavour, thanks to a lot of dried red chillies! Join our Patreon: Book one… Continue Reading Quick and Easy Hunan Beef Recipe!