Beef stir fry that tastes like nothing else. Recipe:

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The spicy dry-fried beef is a perfect example of the dry-frying technique unique to Sichuan cuisine. The shredded beef is un-marinated, quickly stir fried in a wok to drive off the moisture and intensify the beef flavor. The shredded beef will be stir fried twice with aromatic spices to absorb more flavor. The end result is spicy and aromatic beef with crispy and chewy bites.

The key to this dish is to control the temperature when dry frying the beef, otherwise the shredded beef can be easily overcooked.

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  1. How do I make it so the beef will remain tender and juicy?? Last time I tried to make a beef stir fry dish the beef ended up so hard and rubbery and it took the whole taste away from the meal. Is there a certain part of beef that must be used for this or is there a technique to keep the beef moist even after all the frying ??
    I’d appreciate a response as I want to get better at making this 😖
    Btw thank you for all these super yummy videos! Really enjoy all the dishes!

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