Sichuan is known for its love of spice. It’s the birthplace of mala hot pot, mapo tofu, and dandan noodles—all made with copious amounts of chili and peppercorn. How did this region come to fall in love with spicy food, and what are the core ingredients?

This is the fifth episode of our 13-part series on Chinese food called Eat China. In the next episode, we’ll go on a food tour of Chongqing and hit up three Sichuan restaurants you have to try.

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Producer and Host: Clarissa Wei
Editor and Animation: Ray Ngan
Videographers: Nathaniel Brown, Nicholas Ko, and Mario Chui
Mastering: Victor Peña

Music: Audio Network


22 thoughts on “How Did Sichuan Fall In Love With Spice? – Eat China (S1E5)”

  1. Sichuan is also a natural fort so historically, it's one of the most important part of the country in warfare. So many people have lost or gained their country by staying refuge in this province.

  2. Sichuan food is my favourite! I love the balance between ma and la also non-spicy food in Sichuan cuisine. Thank you for explaining the food culture so well.

  3. Well, chili did first arrived in China via sea route. To be, specific at coast of southern China such as Guangdong BUT the southern Chinese rejected chili. The one which end up at Sichuan was via Silk road.

  4. & u have much severe speech impediments like the slow kid cuz you're clearly not pronounced the "ch" sound at all when words like "Sichuan" & "Chongqing" are clearly "see-chwan" & "chong-ching". Imagine a dumbass can't even pronounced their own language right.

  5. باتیں بھت ھیں لیکن کچھ لوگ جو اپنے آپ کو سب کچھ سمجھتے ھیں. وہ رإستے روک لیتے ھیں وہ سانپ بن کر. ذرائع کے اوپر بیٹھ. جاتے ھیں. پوری دنیا کے اوپر ھمارے پیارے نبی اللہ pbuh. سے بڑا کوٸ جرنیل نھین ھوا پھر ترتیب کے لحاظ سے سیدنإ عمر فاروق ان کے بعد سیدنا خالد بن ولید اور سیدنا علی رضی اللہ ان سے بڑے جر نیل تو دنیا میں پيدا ھئ نھین ھؤ ے. ھمارے اج کے جرنیلوں کو ان جیسا کر دار. جواں مردی پیدا کرنی چاھیۓ. پھر دنیا سے ٹکرا جائیں جیسے سلطان صلاح الدین اور ان کے جرنیل ٹکرا گۓ تھے لیکن اج ھمارے بےگنإہ مسلمان ظالم کافروں کے ھاتھون سے قتل ھو رھے ھیں اور کسی کے کان پر جوں نھی.

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