Who influenced the flavors you love today? For chef Zhou Yongle, it was his grandmother.

In this video, Zhou traces his roots to China’s Hunan Province and rediscovers the spicy flavors of his ancestors.

0:00 ‘Every dish has its own genes’
1:10 A childhood filled with spicy food
2:07 What is Hunan cuisine?
2:34 Making chili paste
3:12 Exploring Hunan’s rice terraces
3:57 Making fish jelly
4:24 Zhou prepares a feast for his distant relatives

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Footage: Youku 云集将来
Script: Tiffany Ip
Narration: Dai Qian
Editor: Nicholas Ko
Mastering: Victor Peña

#chinesefood #travel #spicy

Music: Audio Network


18 thoughts on “A Chef’s Search for the Spicy Flavors of His Ancestors”

  1. This was beautiful but the added sound effects for everything was extremely overkill. There's no way him slowly dipping his finger into the paste made a HHHWIKKKHHH sound like someone spreading plaster. Silence with just the music is better than over-the-top fake sounding effects.

  2. I bet Hunan flavours would do well in southeast asia but we already have deep legacy and influence of southern china which was coastal for the most part. There's a stereotype that chinese food isnt spicy but truth is chinese food is diverse

  3. I would have preferred for this to be a much longer video. I want to know more about the dishes that family who hosted the chef made, the dishes that the chef made and more about Hunan cooking

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