Hangzhou, once the capital of China, is considered one of the country’s most beautiful cities, with a scenic lake, ancient pagodas, and refined street food. Locals keep dishes light and fresh, with flavors erring on the sweet side. We picked out five things you must try in Hangzhou.

For more info on these places and how to find them, check out the link here: gt4.life/hangzhoustreetfood

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Producer: Jessica Novia
Videographer: Beimeng Fu
Editor: Joel Roche
Narrator and Mastering: Victor Peña

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10 thoughts on “5 Street Food Dishes You Must Try in Hangzhou”

  1. I’m from HZ and I have never even seen 糖醋煎饺。Maybe next time I’ll seek it out.
    Should have included snacks like 萝卜糕,定胜糕,油炸臭豆腐,五香豆腐干, etc

  2. Am I the only one that noticed he put the Soccer ball down on the floor to get the shoes so basically he shouldn’t get anything because he dropped the Soccer ball

  3. season 1, thanks for the great work!
    now I'll know what to eat when in Hangzhou, planning to go someday.
    Has Goldthread considered a series just like this but with city's landmarks instead? e.g. #5西湖 West Lake! this way can know where to visit and what makes city a touristy/cool place heheh

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