Chinese cuisines can be traced back to influences from five different regions. These make up the five major regional cuisines of China.

My favorite rice cooker:

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30 thoughts on “The Five Major Cuisines of China”

  1. yes!Sichuan is the best! Icant agree more. I was disappointed when I was studying in Shenzhen, i thought i am just not into chinese food, and used to eat only european or turkish cuisine, till I went Chengdu and tried Sichuan cuisine! OMG it was a love from the first taste!

  2. Say what you want about China, but it's the best food in the world…period. Go there and stay there long enough to try their real authentic food. Their food alone makes me love the country

  3. Hi Mike would you mind telling me why you get your information from? I'm doing a school project on chinese cuisine right now and it would be really helpful to track down some sources. Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks Mike! Enjoy your videos. I’m pre-diabetic and I have heard that one famous Chinese chef, who cooks Japanese dishes, adds something to the short grain rice consumed in Japan to lower the glycemic index of the rice. Have been trying to find this out for years. Maybe you know what that mysterious ingredient might be? Cheers!

  5. Mike, the regionality of cuisine isn’t unique to China. Every country has their own unique-regional cuisine. Southern Indian food for example is not the same in the north or Goa to the west. Isarn style food is not the same as central or southern Thailand. Northern Italian is different from Southern Italian and the list goes on and on. Great video though.

  6. Yes! GuoBaoRou from Harbin is still my all time favorite dish! Second is some of the salty-vinegary dishes I had in Shandong, while fried cicadas weren't the best, Hot Chicken with vinegar dip, and some form of dry salty chicken were my favorites. I wish I knew the name of the dry chicken, it was whole thighs and breasts with a lot of salty flavor on the outside and was mildly crispy but served completely dry.

  7. Cantonese food .. not Chinese-American is definitely my favorite. Szechuan is my least favorite. Turns your lips red for hours and makes you sweat like your in a sauna. So spicy .. you can barely taste the food.

  8. I have to watch this for a school project then make a stir fry. Then im just sat at my desk like: i only like the noodles ;—;

    I dont like Chinese food

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