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There’s not just one type of Chinese food. This is Eat China, where we dissect Chinese cuisine region by region to understand the sheer variety of flavors and techniques that have evolved over the centuries. Join our host Clarissa as she uncovers China’s signature dishes, from east to west, north to south.

Sichuan is the land of spice, and enjoying food from the western region of China means strong flavors of heat, numbing peppercorns, and savory century eggs. Plus, a pickle expert shows us why pickles are a permanent part of western Chinese diets.

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0:00 Introduction
3:56 Chengdu ‘fly restaurant’ tour
6:57 Chongqing street food tour
11:47 How to make Sichuan pickles
19:41 Harvesting Sichuan peppercorns

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Producers: Clarissa Wei
Videographers: Nicholas Ko, Mario Chui, Nathaniel Brown, and Beimeng Fu
Editors: Nicholas Ko, Mario Chui, and Caron Che
Animation: Ray Ngan
Mastering: Victor Peña
Special Thanks: Jenny Gao, Ann Yang, and Jordan Porter

Music: Audio Network

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40 thoughts on “Eat China Special: Spicy Sichuan (E2)”

  1. Sichuan Province usually included both Cheng du and Chong Qing, which spelled chung king in the West…
    At some point, the goverment splitted Chung King to be an independent city equal with provinces.
    Cheng du is now the capital and largest city of Sichuan.

  2. The content is great and love the in depth food culture!
    I'd only give feedback on the editing, there doesn't seem to be a shot that's held for more than five seconds and there's a lot of movement in every shot. Not saying fast paced editing isn't good, but I think it needs to slow down at certain parts, after I got about 10 min in it started to get a bit disorienting.

  3. I understand the conversations may differ based on everyone's accents. But I wish we can at least respect the names of the cities and pronounce them correctly.

  4. I am probably belong to the very few Chinese who dislike spicy food. When I go out with my friends I avoid Sichuan restaurant as much as I can. IMO the overly done spicy and numbing over powers the natural flavors of food ingredients. I am pretty much sure most of you would disagree. It’s alight I am going to stick with my Cantonese and Shanghainese while you enjoy your hot pot.

  5. i really like fish mint. both of my parents are from vietnam, and i only know that fish mint is used as a general side herb in vietnamese cuisine and idk what it’s used for specifically. my mom’s cantonese and calls it fish root in english

  6. Great, love your video. Is always good to start with showing the map so we know the location you are talking about and you have also explained the geographical location, the weather, a bit about the history. Excellent

  7. Although Sichuan food is spicy, the spiciest food in fact comes from Hunan province! Hunan food uses more fresh chilli peppers than Sichuan food, which adds to the hotness!

  8. Food connects us but so does IKEA apparently. When she takes out the peppercorns around 15.00 they were stored in the same plastic tub I have, halfway across the globe.

  9. See this is the REAL Chinese food. Not the kind we eat in America. Chefs in China are held in high regards, in ancient times cooks were part of the imperial courts. A rich culinary education can be obtained from working or going2 school there.

  10. I don’t speak Mandarin, but the blogger from chongqing is super expressive and enthusiastic, loved hearing her talk ☺️

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