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Things we do: wok hei, MSG(aka: king of flavour/salt on crack), egg fried rice, feeling, fire, peanut, asian, real chilli, fuiyooo~~
Things we don’t do: colander, induction stove, too white, chilli jam, jamie oliver, Haiyaaa~~

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Filming Device
Camera: Sony A7m3
Lens: Zeiss FE 24-70mm
Microphone: Rode Videomic

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33 thoughts on “Chinese Street Food -Fried noodles with egg fried rice, fried broiler, egg and vegetable pie”

  1. 日本🇯🇵からです👋。美味しそうですね😋是非頂きたいです💓たくさん食べたいです💪その時は、宜しくお願いします👍

  2. comment on peut etre aussi doué pour préparer et finir par servir cette nourriture dans un bol en plastique ? C'est ne pas s'aimer soi même.

  3. Well, the Noodles were beautifully made! I was wondering if he well add anything else apart from eggs, spinach, chicken and soya sauce. But to my suprise he did kept it simple. Looks like the Chinese noodles made in China are more simple than any other place in the 🌍

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