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50 thoughts on “Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time”

  1. I came from China and currently studying in US. I wouldn't say panda express taste bad, but in my opinion it's not count for Chinese food. You can't find most dishes on menu in China, it's just not a thing. And it doesn't taste like ordinary Chinese food. Two things I don't like about panda express is there are too much sugar added!!! And the broccoli is raw!!! Except these two things, panda express is very good fast food.

  2. The teens did nothing but complain and try too hard lol

    They also called it white people Chinese. It’s fast food, and it was made by actual Chinese people. It’s not gonna be authentic if it’s fast food. Nobody thinks panda is actual Chinese food lmao

  3. “If you actually know real Chinese Chow Mein, you would look at this be like… This is American Chinese Chow Mein”.

    Uhh…. Panda Express IS Americanized-Chinese food! It has never claimed to be anything other than that. This guy…

  4. Chinese are very particular with their food. The term '''you are what you eat'' is pretty evident. I'm not sure if its everywhere in China. So everything you eat has to improve some aspect of you physicality and spiritually. I have a suspicion the food is the reason our women don't bloody age. mom comes from the motherland and I was born in Canada, and I swear I can't count anymore when people have asked me if my 50 yr old mother is my sister.

  5. Yo Chinese it was prepared by real cheap china man's restaurant welcome to American cheap Asian foods . i'am sorry ucAwet your lip chop sushzikuzi at Shanghai rip offs 😂 buy air fairs home lands garested spy china smut works.ty video iam American and love American foods ty .

  6. well i feel like we should all try the middle teenage boy's Chinese food bc it must taste and smell like the best and most authentic Chinese food to ever exist

  7. I hope the Chinese takeouts get to a space where they begin to serve authentic dishes. This “catering to American palates” is the thing of the past. like you don’t even eat this, where are the soup dumplings, Char Siu🤤 and hot pot. The world needs Authenticity ❤

    This is the season of truth even with our palates 🙏🏾

  8. Funny how the Americanized Chinese young man always references “real Chinese food”… little bit of compensation going on there. The old heads were more forgiving!

  9. honestly, my only complaint w/ panda express as a chinese guy is that their rice is always too dry and that you'd be getting your money's worth at a local dim sum place (each once I've been to felt overpriced). my brother likes to play a game where he sees which people order from panda express. what he does is he counts the total amount of people that walk in/up to the counter and count how many of those people were chinese, and he almost never sees any asians order from there.

    My grandma's not too fond of americanized chinese food in general because she thinks it's embarrassing to have other people see her eat it. The solution is to just find an authentic resturant.
    as a result, my family's developed a technique for determining whether or not a resturant is authentic or at least decent. all you have to do is look inside and check out the people eating there. if they're mostly old people, then you're good to go. I've been told that they most likely remember what the food's like in china and that a good chinese resturant emulates it.

  10. FUK people say they review is bad but the truth is that old people like eating sweet and salty foods and are trying to be polite to the film they are being filmed by the kids are being real and honest it isn’t Chinese food it’s fake american Chinese I’m Chinese I can see

  11. it’s almost sad bc u can tell the chinese-americans are trying too hard while the native chinese actually enjoyed some & even said they’d have it again.. which was so effing cute & respectable 👏🏽👏🏽

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