Quick and Simple recipes – Masterchef John shows you how to make perfect homemade fried rice in 5 ways with step by step instruction.

Here are five of our fan’s favorite fried rice recipes:
00:07 BBQ Pork (Char Siu) Fried Rice
02:29 Epic Lamb Fried Rice
05:58 Shrimp Fried Rice
08:27 Chicken Fried Rice
11:14 Veg & Egg Fried Rice

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44 thoughts on “Top 5 Fried Rice by Masterchef l How To l Yummy Chinese Food”

  1. A chef roll is to do it (like cutting) so unique that impossible to do it. So you pay for it at a restaurant instead, then you do it the way you know. Remember, a chef show you oyster sauce in his recipe is not a chef. Going to taste blan not real Chinese taste.
    But Chef John style is good, and I learn some skill watching his video. Leave out the darn Oyster sauce, it just corn starch mix with bad crap.

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  3. 😋↗Mmmmmmm, I just lovvvve Chinese food; pork fried rice, beef fried rice, chicken fried rice.😘↗Mmmmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmmm; each dish and or meal the chef/s cooks 👀 looks so good & healthy; and right 😋 tasty & yummy good for the tummy.↗😋

  4. To me, fried rices in the street markets of Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing… look much tastier than these. I am sure that the price values of the street market foods are far more worthy too.

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