In this lesson, we give you an introduction the 8 main types of Chinese cuisine found around China. Collectively they are known as 八大菜系 Bādà càixì

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The most praised “Four Major Cuisines” are Chuan, Lu, Yue and Huaiyang, representing West, North, South and East China cuisine correspondingly. The modern “Eight Cuisines” of China are Anhui (徽菜 Huīcài), Cantonese (粤菜; Yuècài), Fujian (闽菜; Mǐncài), Hunan (湘菜; Xiāngcài), Jiangsu (苏菜; Sūcài), Shandong (鲁菜; Lǔcài), Sichuan (川菜; Chuāncài), and Zhejiang (浙菜; Zhècài) cuisines.

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