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When author and Chinese-cooking expert Fuchsia Dunlop visited Serious Eats’ test kitchen a few months ago to cook through some of the recipes from her recently updated masterwork on Sichuan cooking, The Food of Sichuan, she spent a few minutes chatting with us about the essential ingredients needed to get started.

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20 thoughts on “The Sichuanese Pantry with Fuchsia Dunlop | Serious Eats”

  1. I have been learning how to cook Sichuan food for the past few months and this was extremely helpful. Going to the store was so confusing as there are so many brands and things and they often aren't in english. Huge thanks to Serious Eats! 🙂

  2. Sichuan cuisine is amazing; I love 麻辣 (numb and spicy)! However my favourite cuisine worldwide is Hunanese. Fushsia Dunlop's book on 湘菜 (Hunanese Cuisine) "Revolutionary Chinese Cooking" is like a cooking Bible for me.

    Greetings from Oz 🇦🇺

  3. Why didn't the camera show us what the doubangjiang brands were? They're talking about it and then don't bother to show the jar label. That's what I'm wanting to know here.

  4. Honestly as a westerner it's really daunting to go to the Asian grocery and see all these things that *look* alike but are clearly different. It's nice to get a bit of a break down (Chinese Cooking Demystified does this well too)

  5. wow that's a lot of ingredients that i never see before!
    thanks for sharing this! i should've learn more about this I think!
    you're my inspiration and I'm happy to watch such an informative inredients here!:D

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