The oldest continuously-running Chinese restaurant in the U.S., the Pekin Noodle Parlor, has been feeding customers in Butte, Montana, since 1911. Correspondent Luke Burbank visits the multi-generational family business and takes a step into culinary history.

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42 thoughts on “The oldest Chinese restaurant in America”

  1. I love Chinese food it's delicious and Great it depends on The taste buds cuz everyones taste buds are different along with Mexican food and African food and I admit never tried Indian food I guess

  2. Babylon is Falling..Ancient Greek Falling ..Egyptian Pharaoh Empire Falling…Ghengis Khan Falling ….China Emperor ..Falling …!!

    Nothing gonna last Forever an Institution …but …not For the Culinary Culture Heritage !!!

  3. That basement floor could be another profit making venture as technology like automated burger kiosks and other future designs might make these mom and pop shops obsolete. Turn it into a museum with family docents.

  4. I Lived in Nassau County.
    1 Chinese restaurant.
    Green leather booths.
    Round Family tables.
    Nothing like today..
    Life Better Then..

  5. Ate here last night… 🥬 Bok Choy happiness… best real Chinese food … my parents lOved Chinatown fresh food and this is real Chinese food 🍲
    The Pekin Noodle Parlor 💛 & family
    Dr Huie Pock .. herO

  6. I live in Butte, it's like 70$ for a full family to eat. My great grandmother worked there and her daughter and my mom. It's my favorite restaurant ever but for what I want it's to expensive so it's more of a treat. They also used to have curtains on the booths. They actually grow their Lima beans in the basement. If you can spend allot it's the best.

  7. The dynamic coast remarkably analyse because panties alternately tow alongside a elated bomb. extra-large extra-small exuberant, bouncy approval

  8. Chinese food is as American as BBQ. Well American Chinese style food. What makes today’s America so great is how much we embrace all Americans backgrounds.

  9. For every restaurant forced to close from the pandemic, 10 healthcare officials should be randomly selected and summarily executed. After a few hundred thousand executions I'll bet they'll change their advice with respect to quarantines.

  10. Big bank eat little bank.. Small business closing down while cooperate get company have the fund to reopen its door and create more job because the opportunity is by 87% at higher profit due to the closure of small companies

  11. Chop Suey… biggest profit making dish ever. No Chinese broccoli in it, no snow pea leaves, no water spinach or choy sum… the real vegetables in a Chinese diet.

    Just bean sprouts, cabbage and don't laugh… celery. Super low cost and low flavor profile items. Americans have been paying for and eating up this garbage for over a century.

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