00:00 Discovering Sichuan Cuisine 01:50 The Bashu culture 02:52 Sichuan Cuisine 04:06 Mapo Tofu 05:14 Kung Pao Chicken 06:30 Twice-cooked Pork 07:39 Dry-Fried String Beans 08:28 Sichuan Tea 09:55 Food safety issues Join me in this video to learn more about Chinese cuisine you never know from the Chinese takeaway.… Continue Reading Discovering Sichuan Cuisine | Tea with Erping

Food safety problems have plagued mainland China with endless falsification techniques. The proliferation of toxic chemicals and additives and the extent of harm is appalling. “Why are there no seeds in the grapes?” “Aren’t all seedless grapes dipped with chemicals?” “What kind of chemicals?” “Contraceptive pills.” “It’s not good for… Continue Reading Fake and toxic foods proliferate in China/Food safety issues are shocking, and everyone gets hurt