Alvin Leung “The Demon Chef” holds three Michelin stars and likes to impress people in following his concept of Chinese Cuisine with his own style “X-Treme Chinese”. The “wow-factor” should be never missedwhen experiencing one of his food creations.

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Alvin Leung raised chef who holds three Michelin stars at his restaurant Bo Innovation in Hong Kong. He wants to give an unique experience and he wants you to be excited for his food. He will show a ‘brief of Hong Kong’.
If you want to have a special occasion don’t doubt to take your partner or boss to Alvin Leung restaurant Bo Innovation in Hong Kong to have “Chinese food”.

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An excerpt from “China’s Unknown Cuisine”
produced by NZZ Format


44 thoughts on “X-Treme Chinese Cuisine with Alvin Leung | Bo Innovation Restaurant | Hong Kong”

  1. They literally said there are over 20 courses so while the portions are small you’ll for sure be full at the end. As for the price you’re paying for an incredible gastronomic experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If you want to be full in 5 minutes for less than 10 bucks you’d be better off visiting the nearest McDonald’s.

  2. When I think chinese food, I think Chinese food, not "cheap eats"
    You want cheap eats, go to the dollar menu at a fast food, they're still great food

  3. Cheap???
    What is your definition of Cheap??

    For us normal people, cheap food is like 1 dollar meal with rice and pork or chicken…
    I dont think your definition of cheap is not the same with us.

  4. Extreme as in X,
    Of course it is X, not T, not R.
    So dumb.

    If you like sushi, you go to japanese

    … French

    … But no Chinese..
    Go to Chinese Restaurant.
    Go to Chinatown.
    So so dumb, you waste my time.

  5. He uses some chinese ingredients and utensils but thats no Chinese cuisine. He is a great fusion chef no doubt because of his stars. Just stop saying its chinese food because its not.

  6. If he was serving me this, I would have taken the opportunity to say:
    "This is Bo Innovation, AND YOU GIVE ME THIS??"

    Because as an Asian, seeing such small portions hurt my stomach.

  7. The only thing i don't like about big restaurants is, the food is so small😂
    Ik it's like a burst of flavour when you put in your mouth, but it's way too small sometimes

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