Like Cantonese food? Check out all the great cantonese dishes you should never miss!

Thanks again to Imperial Palace for feeding us!!!


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28 thoughts on “Must Have Cantonese Dishes!”

  1. Cantonese food is amazing! Full of flavor. I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and most of our Chinese food has a local twist but heavy Cantonese influences and origins, me have peppered shrimp, pow (steamed char sui pork bao), har lok kai fan and char sui kai fan.

  2. The Oyster is probably a Chinese dish created in America. It is not found in Hong Kong in that style.
    The Glutinous and Crap rice pot probably tastes gorgeous….buy will be a bit messy to eat.
    The Beef stir fried Ho Fun is very popular among Cantonese. A tastier version is the one with Pepper and Black bean added to the stir fry.
    The raisin in the fried rice is probably the restaurant's own variation.

  3. I was surprised she wasn't using chopsticks. Do all areas of China use chopsticks? If your parents are Chinese, but you are born elsewhere, are you expected to still use chopsticks? Do Chinese people look at her strangely for not using chopsticks?

  4. Hi… I think what was served are also Cantonese foods… My grandmother is a Cantonese but lived and died here in the Philippines already.. the food that was featured here are her favorites especially the noodles (pansit), fried rice and seafood dishes. And my favorites too.

  5. I'm very partial to fried dumplings. Every time I go to a Chinese restaurant, I gotta have an order. The only thing I hate about them is they don't last long. (They're that good.)

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