This is another video we filmed pre Covid-19 quarantine and shelter in place. Here in this video we traveled to a restaurant in Millbrae California called “Wonderful.” The name definitely justifies this restaurant perfectly as everything about this place was wonderful. Wonderful is a Chinese restaurant specializing in Hunan cuisine and a variety of other regional fused dishes. It has been awarded Michelin guide multiple times and has my Apex approval as well! We ordered the owner recommendations as You You Xue highlighted the must try items on the menu. Joined by my family and Aaron Parnell, the Posture Genius, we basked ourselves in a whirlwind of flavors from this amazing Hunan feast. I hope you enjoy the video. If you haven’t yet please subscribe to my channel and to be updated when I upload new videos just push the bell to be notified. Give it a thumbs up if you like the video and feel free to leave a comment. I’m open to any feedback, compliments or whatever you’d like to say. Thanks for taking the time to watch!


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15 thoughts on “Amazing HUNAN Cuisine ( Michelin Guide Food Tour Series )”

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  2. Can you get Bay Area crab garlic noodle ? I hear they make the best Chinese garlic noodle but I would like you to review it and let me know ..

  3. Hey Christian and Shana!! We noticed that you changed your channel name!! That's awesome that you went to this Michelin rated restaurant.. we love Chinese food as it's one of our go to cuisines when we want something different. The owner seemed super nice and chill, and glad he gave out so much information on each dish! Everything looked so amazing, and love the huge spread of food they brought out! The cauliflower and pork dish looked so good, and we would love to try that huge green onion pancake!! We agree, lots of herbs in a dish like cilantro adds so much flavor to food! We will take some of those noodles right now, as being stuck in the house we aren't able to make this kind of cuisine at home, especially at that level!! LOL!! Great video and thanks for taking us with you!! Lots of love to you all and stay safe! <3

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