While visiting my friends in Jinhua Zhejiang China I was fortunate to learn how to make the best noodles and meat pies from Mama Xue & her children Mei & Xue Xiaobo ….. Oh LUCKY ME !

updated instructions, please read;
Hi Teri,
The flour is all purpose regular flour, you need add some salt warm water to make the dough, not too much salt, i think it is about one teaspoon. My mom doesn’t have a mixer, so it is lots of hand working in it.

About the meat pie, it has pork in it, some green onion, soy sauce, cooking wine and some vegetable ( cabbage, chinese napa, green bean….), really depends how you like it. Chinese people like ginger root and garlic in the pie, most of them like hot pepper too.
We don’t have oven in China, so again we use pan fry, some vegetable oil, medium heat, each side about five minutes.

I am not good at this kind of stuff, tried few times here but not came out tasty.
Are you planning go to China soon? I may go back in 2013 summer right after I graduate from my school. That will be good if we can see each other in Jinhua.

Merry Christmas!