Ah, yes – Chinese street food – simply the best! Jian Bing (山东煎饼) one of the best among them! — but first!! Check me out on other platforms! https://www.linktr.ee/austininchina —

Chinese street food: it’s a way of life here in China. People are constantly on the go, and being able to grab a quick snack or bite to eat is crucial to people here. I’m in Lanzhou, the capital of Northwestern China’s Gansu Province, and a popular street food here (and everywhere else in China) is Jian Bing (煎饼), a kind of crepe or pancake that is made right in front of your very eyes! It’s an amazing little gem that can be found anywhere in China, and it’s always good! Shandong Crepe, Shandong Pancake, Shandong Jianbing, Shandong Wrap….there are so many names for this good, and guess what? They’re ALL good!! It’s one of China’s most famous street foods, and for good reason!

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Chinese Street Food: Jian Bing (山东煎饼) — Shandong Snacks in Lanzhou!


38 thoughts on “Chinese Street Food: Jian Bing (山东煎饼) — Shandong Snacks in Lanzhou!”

  1. as a Chinese living in US for 10 years, i cant stop watching chinese snacks video online. You have 593k views for this simple video and i'm one of these. miss all the chinese food. lol

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  4. She seemed a bit inexperienced, i got this in shanghai where there was a huge queue, and it was some old guy making one every 30 seconds, it was great. He would crack two eggs open at a time… with one hand..

  5. this is not authentic. shandong jianbing is simpler, no eggs. just a soy bean sauce and whole green onion wrapped into a roll.

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