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50 thoughts on “RANKING CHINESE FOOD: Sichuan VS. Cantonese VS. Shanghai | Fung Bros”

  1. I love American Chinese food. Thank you American Chinese people who created these foods for us, thank you. I ❤ these foods, please continue making these foods!

  2. They ordered all three types of Chinese Food from that same Red Peony Restaurant found it somewhat deceiving. All Dim Sums are pretty much Cantonese. Pretty much all Cantonese Dishes they got there were all battered deep fried. They have steamed fish and chicken as well, but this restaurant used pepper salt to described that region. All Sichuan Dishes are spicy and the Fung Brothers really like most of that food. Although I'm not that type of spicy eater, I would also like the beef shank slices from the Sichuan dish. As for the pork, I definitely like the Shanghai style of that braised pork shanks.

  3. Sago, is Philippines style. Or more accurately, southeast Asia like Malay, Indo, Phil stilo. There are even big ones like what is modernly known as "boba". I believe that's where the influence for boba came from. There are definitely all over Philippines I remember as a child like in the 70's "Sago at gulaman" basically a cold tea with clear large sago balls the size of boba. This was before the boba invention sooo… Uh…. Yeah…

  4. Yes but how is the pricing? On another note, when I want to feel comfortable and happy I will always go for my family’s native Cantonese style food. It makes me feel at home and warm. When I wanna be adventurous and show my friends a good time I go with Szechuan style. It’s spicy and portions are usually big, everyone can talk about how hot it is while they stuff their face with it anyways lol Shanghai style food is like the place I’ll go if I wanna take someone out and impress them. It’s got a lot of showmanship in its presentation and always looks just a little cleaner to new eaters.

  5. I'm Canto, my wife is Shanghaiese. My best spicy food was from Chengdu, Sichuan, fast food takeout. THE BEST, they know how to make spicy right, holy shit.

  6. There might be more Shanghainese restaurants abroad than there are in Mainland China excluding Shanghai; it’s like that most on-Shanghainese Chinese aren’t even aware of the existence of Shanghainese cuisines.

  7. As a white dude who lived in China 6 years, my vote is Sichuan in first place and Xinjiang runner up. That said, xiao long bao done right is second only to pizza as the best food ever invented.

  8. Truthfully, none of the food was as good as they should be. The dumplings skins were way too thick. The Cantonese style fish was overcooked. Go to Hong Kong and try these food if you want the best!

  9. chinese is food is so diverse, thats the best part! cantonese food and me being teochew, chiu chow food are my favorites

  10. Shanghai isn't even a province, it's a municipality that mostly eats Jiangsu cuisine since it was carved out Jiangsu province.

  11. I grow up eating Cantonese food, so I always have a soft spot for Canto food when compared to other regional Chinese food. My family also took me to eat many Teochew and Hakka food, and I really enjoyed them as well. Now that I am all grown up and try more different ethnic and exotic food my parents are probably not even interested in, I discovered my love for spicy food, I'm the only one in the family who loves spicy food, and I enjoy Southeast Asian spicy food like Thai food so much that now when I eat Canto food I find myself adding lots of chilli sauce and salt lol!! I never try Szechuan food (it's Szechuan why are people saying Sichuan now?) cuz my parents won't eat spicy with me lol but it looks tempting in the video!! Shanghainess food… Seems to me like a failed adaptation of Cantonese food and Szechuanese, I mean it seems that they use more spices in Shanghainess food that the flavour probably isn't as natural as Canto food, but at the same time it's not as spicy as Szechuanese food 😂💀

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