That ain’t a Typo, you read it right! Watch the video and find out why!

This time, our friend “Yeah” from DeepV GuangZhou is taking me to find the most hidden and local cantonese food in Guangzhou!

We’re gonna be trying:

1. EGG CHANG FEN: Juicy steamed uneven rice dough filled with pork, lettuce, eggs and soaked in a very mild soy sauce

2. TARO FRITTERS: Deep fried Mashed Taro battered in striped of shredded pancake. Insanely crispy on the outside, silky smooth in the inside! Sweet and reach, very filling!
VEGETARIAN SPRING ROLLS: Exactly the opposite to the taro fritters, this are crunchy on the inside, where the stripes of vegetable conserve their crisp and freshness and the outside is juicy steamed bean curd skin! Deliciously juicy!

3.PIG FEET NOODLES: Even though the noodles were a bit too dry, the pork soup that came with them was exceptional. And then the pig’s feet are cooked in a very thick and sweet pork broth that renders them insanely tender!
BRAISED RADISH: Braised in the same broth the pig’s feet are cooked in, this pieces of radish melt in your mouth and while doing so they become the juiciest mouthfull you will ever experience! rather sweet but crazy good!

4. COCONUT ICE CREAM: I heard it’s good, but my lactose intolerance said “not today”
SESAME CREAM: One of my favourite Chinese desserts. They grind black sesame seeds while adding hot water to the point it becomes a very smooth and sweet black sesame porridge. Served hot!

5. FISH SKIN SALAD: the fish skin is boiled and then dipped in ice cold water which makes the outside crispy and the inside soft! It’s served with peanuts, coriander, chilli, spring onion, sesame seeds and soy sauce! VERY UNIQUE and delicious!
INTESTINE CHANGFEN: long stripes of rice dough rolled up topped with sesame seeds and soaked in a milk soy sauce
POTPOURRI CONGEE: overcooked rice to the point the grain breaks apart and it becomes a very thick starchy rice soup, this one in particular has youtiao, pork liver, squid, tofu stripes, peanuts, coriander and fish. Served hot!

6. SPECIALTY CHICKEN: Boiled and dipped in cold water this type of chicken holds a tender inside while the skin stays soft and elastic, served with a ginger sweet sauce that enhances the chicken flavour to the max. Crazy good!

7. EXAM PASSING CONGEE: This congee is believed to help students pass exams! Locals religiously eat here before Exam periods and it can get insanely busy around those dates! The congee is way richer than the one before and the water they use to cook the rice is the same broth where the organs are cooked. This one comes with all the pork organs, including heart, liver, kidney, stomach and intestine! Really good!

8. LIANG CHA: Medicinal tea that cools down your body’s energy. According to chinese medicine foods can make your insides hotter or colder depending on its energetic qualities. Usually unhealthy foods heat you up, while this drink helps cool down your body inspite of being served hot. Good for detox and extremely bitter! But if you go past that bitterness it’s actually quite enjoyable!

9. This is the BUMBOO PRESSED NOODLES house:
WONTON NOODLES: Noodles are pressed with a bamboo stick that a man sits on to work the dough. Coming with shrimp wontons that are to die for!
STIRRED BAMBOO NOODLES: same noodles different shape! It’s the bumboo pressed equivalent to tagliatelle, flat and wider shaped noodles that increase the surface area of the noodle allowing for more flavour absorbing! Coming with a soy sauce based sauce and fresh spring onion and garlic! Best Noodles of the day!

10. COWS ORGANS: deliciously braised cow’s organs! Liver, heart, lung, the 4 different stomachs, tripe, intestine, blood and braised radish! Delisciously tender and served with chili sauce!

11. DOUBLE SKIN CREAM: The theory goes as follows: they boil milk once and scoop out the foam from the top, then they recook the milk a second time and add the second more concentrated foam to the first foam, creating a very thick and concentrated milk pudding second to none!
MANGO COCONUT MILK SAGO: Fresh mango chunks and SAGO balls all bathing in sweet coconut milk! Delicious party of soft textures in your mouth that would get you craving for a second bowl!

That is all for today! Thanks for watching!


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