The next time you go to an authentic Szechuan restaurant order any of these dishes you will be doing yourself and all your eating companions a favor.

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30 thoughts on “10 Dishes You Must Try at a Szechuan Restaurant”

  1. To handle middle eastern, Indian or south East Asian culinary art you have to have a gut made of iron lining to protect your weak digestive system. The extreme is the pride to every one of these region. Food is considered a right of passage. We westerner have to pass to truly understand the way of life through of these people one of them is through culinary experience

  2. not a chinese dish but if you guys hate brocoli like mike, make brocoli and sausage soup. be generous with sausage so the flavour overtakes the brocoli. yall won't even notice that this healthy vegetable is there 😉

  3. Ok, posting 4 yrs later, can’t help it. My fave dish at our local Szechuan restaurant is charred stir fried cabbage. I don’t if it’s rly Szechuan, but never seen it anywhere else. They tell me they test new chefs on whether they can make the sauce. (Bernie Sanders ate there when he visited nearby in 2016, I assume he got the word, it’s so good.) That place aside, best Szechuan place I’ve eaten at was a literal hole in the wall in Bloomington IN, where our son went to school. The menu was taped around the walls scrawled on paper plates, in Chinese. Very few dishes in English, but it was all awesome. College towns can rly be the best for authentic ethnic foods of all kinds if you look.

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