The food of northern China is comfort food at its finest—greasy, salty, and very hearty.
Dishes include deep-fried dough sticks, pork buns, and noodles with fermented bean paste. But why is the food so heavy? One of the reasons is the weather.

This is the 11th episode of our 13-part series on Chinese food called Eat China. In the next episode, we’ll go on a food tour of Beijing and hit up three restaurants you have to try.

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Host and Producer: Clarissa Wei
Animator and Editor: Ray Ngan
Videographer: Nicholas Ko
Mastering: Victor Peña

Music: Audio Network


25 thoughts on “Why Northern Chinese Food Is the Best Comfort Food – Eat China (E11)”

  1. there are several things you should not consume. the first is black bean sauce, the second is noodles because it is heavy on wheat, or gluten. the third is duck, you should not consume meat like that. Maybe a steak once in a while.

  2. This series is honestly so well done, I love the episodes where the local collaborator/producer/friend takes us on a journey through the restaurants. Thank you for this beautiful series!

  3. We have that yo tiao here in Indonesia we call it Cakue so good and I love it especially the tiny version ones

  4. It's interesting that she doesn't use standard Mandarin pronunciation since she does not have an accent. She drops the h so shan becomes San a lot of people talk like that but I just found it surprising.

  5. I lived in Qingdao for several years. The food was great and the variety was amazing. Within walking distance from my residence was a Sichuan restaurant, a Korean restaurant, a dumplings restaurant and grill, a Yunnan cuisine restaurant, Memphis Ribs, a Uyghur bar-b-q restaurant, several sushi bars, a Hunan restaurant, a hot pot restaurant, a French Bakery (La Boulangerie) and street vendors. I've had Beijing Duck in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Beijing, but not Tainjin. Love the noodles with black bean sauce. Used to always go to Korona in Qingdao for the half-price Memphis Ribs on Mondays! You are doing a good thing, so many people are mis-informed about what China is actually like. I want mala yu for dinner! Most westerners are still looking for General Tso's phone number when they visit. Regards

  6. ive heard that plastic pollution has contaminated the sea salt supplies. obviously it depends where the salt(s) were harvested, but i think globally the quality has tapered off, unfortunately. the good news is mined salts pretty much remain the same and kind of are ancient sea salts, though really thats like saying barrels of oil are vegan…true but pretty far from practically meaning anything

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