Today on Cooking in America, Sheldon is in Oakland at Sama Uyghur Cuisine trying out the Muslim Chinese hand-pulled noodles and skewers.

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25 thoughts on “Uyghur Food Is the Chinese Food You Should Know About — Cooking in America”

  1. Hey food historians, would the capsicum and chilis have entered Uyghur cuisine after the 15th century? If so, what was used to create heat before that? Also, I saw that they had cans of tomatoes on the prep table for one of the dishes, which wouldn't have entered the cuisine until the 15th century as well I'm guessing, so I'm wondering if there was an ingredient that tomato replaced and was obtainable in Eurasia throught the Silk Roads? I need Sohla to make an episode about Uyghur food pre-Columbian Exchange recipes.

  2. Die türken (uiguren). Echte türken haben epicantusfoldeyes 🇰🇿🇰🇬🇹🇲🇺🇿uyghur hazara tatar sakha etc.
    Und die Chinesen haben vieles von uiguren geklaut. Und russen haben auch vieles geklaut von echten Türken Bsp ciğ börek

  3. This place was served genuinely good food. Too bad it shut down. The deep fried naan dish was the best. The lamb kabobs were a must have too. Damn. Too bad I can’t find any places like this anymore. I used to drive 2 hours to eat here. Wonderful people. During lunch, all the workers eat with the owner. So cool. You could tell these guys are more like a family.

  4. Uygur food is very delicious. I am from Shanghai. I like to eat in Uighur restaurants very much! I think the halal food made by Chinese Muslims is the best halal food in the world!

  5. We Uyghurs are not Chinese. We’re completely different ethnicity. We’re a Turkic ethnic group, similar to other central Asian countries. Yes our cuisine is influenced by Chinese cuisine and its ingredients but culturally and racially speaking, we do not identify with Chinese.

  6. Uyghur people are like a mix of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan…I mean their appearances, culture, clothes, food… It's so fascinating! 🤩

    But of course, you can see their Chinese physical traits as well as the food influence…

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