Anhui cuisine, or simply Hui cuisine, is originated over 1,000 years ago from Huizhou, the current Shexian County at the foot of Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province. Anhui cuisine is one of the eight Chinese cuisines. The ingredients are mostly from the wild, and the flavor is light. Anhui cuisine attaches importance to dietetic invigoration with natural ingredients. The representative dishes and Anhui cuisine desserts include Stinky Mandarin Fish, Fried Hairy Tofu, Steamed Partridge, Stewed Bamboo Shoots of Wenzheng Mountain, Huangshan Stewed Pigeon, Li Hongzhang Chop Suey, etc.
Anhui, home of the Yellow Mountain, an interesting part of China, surrounded by forests and mountains, and it shows in their local foods. A lot of wild ingredients, such as herbs and mushrooms. This region specializes in stewing and braising.

Anhui Cuisine is the only one of the 8, that has not travelled outside of China!
Dishes we tried:
Stinky Mandarin Fish
 Yellow Mountain Hairy Tofu
 Roast Rabbit’s Leg
 One Pot Chicken Stew
 Red Braised Pork
 Stinky Mandarin Fish

Music I used:
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