Everyone knows the best way to reheat pizza (covered skillet, if it had to be said), but what’s the best way to reheat Chinese food? Whether you’re staring at leftovers from a Sichuan restaurant in Chengdu or a takeout-style joint in the West, we’ve got you covered: 0:00 – The… Continue Reading How (Best) to Reheat Chinese Food

Beef and broccoli! In Guangdong a bit more classic of a combination might be Beef with Gailan, but especially these days beef with broccoli is as classic of a homecooking combination as any. A fair warning that this ‘6th anniversary’ video can get a little… sassy at parts. Please do… Continue Reading Beef and Broccoli, plus a 4 minute rant (西兰花炒牛肉)

Yufu, or Cantonese fish tofu! One of my all time favorite ingredients, I’m really happy we could finally crack this nut. 0:00 – Why everyone loves tofu puffs 0:22 – Introducing Cantonese Fish Tofu Puffs 1:44 – What fish to use? 2:25 – Making the fish tofu 7:46 – Making… Continue Reading The crispy, chewy Cantonese fish 'tofu' (绉纱鱼腐)

With help from Steph and Chris from Chinese Cooking Demystified, we visited Huay Khwang, a neighborhood in North Bangkok that’s a Mandarin-speaking, baijiu-pounding, incredible-food-eating enclave of immigrants from China. Despite the hype around Yarowat, better known as “Chinatown”, it’s actually here that- for the first time since leaving- brought me… Continue Reading Huay Khwang, and Chinese-Thai Food Past, Present, and Future with @ChineseCookingDemystified

Dark Chinese Vinegar! In this video we wanted to give an introduction to the main types of aged Chinese vinegars, compare them a bit with Balsamic, and do a taste test of sorts to see how well different types of vinegars – Chinese and Western – can work as a… Continue Reading What is Black Chinese Vinegar(s), and how's it different from Balsamic?

Hunan Guoba sandwich! One of the best street food dishes I’ve ever tried, and we’re excited to finally get you a recipe for it. 0:00 – The Socarrat Sandwich 1:15 – Pan selection 2:11 – Oil selection 2:56 – Soaking the rice 3:54 – A note about stoves 4:32 –… Continue Reading Crunchy Rice with Spicy Fillings.

Hengyang Yufen! An absolute classic from Hunan, this rice noodle is a deceptively easy thing to whip up – basically just rice noodles in with a mildly spicy, milky fish soup that is *way* more than the sum of its parts. 0:00 – Hengyang’s Famed Rice Noodles 0:34 – Why… Continue Reading Hunan Fried Fish Noodle Soup (鱼粉)

0:00 – Introduction 0:42 – Grandmother Vegetable 3:04 – Shredded Pork & Eggs 6:05 – Braised Tofu Puffs 8:09 – Other Hunanese dishes to eat with rice? GRANDMOTHER VEGETABLE So first up, sourcing. This sort of stuff *should* be available to you at your local Chinese supermarket, but unfortunately online… Continue Reading 3 chili-laced stir fries to devour over rice.