Nanjing Salted Duck is a traditional dish from Nanjing with a history of more than 2,000 years. In China, it is as famous as Peking Duck. It looks plain, but is packed with plenty of flavors. Tasting its best packed with requisite ginger scallion sauce. Nanjing Salted Duck is just… Continue Reading Nanjing salted duck – Dish fit for an emperor| CCTV English

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Hui ethnic banquet “ten-big-bowl dishes” are traditional dishes used at weddings and funerals or other important festivals or senior people’s birthday parties to entertain guests in Linquan, east China’s Anhui province. Various mutton dishes are a local specialty and you can’t finish it all in under three days and nights.… Continue Reading Hui ethnic banquet 'ten-big-bowl dishes'| CCTV English