The hot pot is simmering, the chow mein is out of this world, and the Peking roasted duck is blowing your mind. The many tastes and flavors at a Chinese restaurant are why Chinese food has become one of the most popular cuisines in America.

Our favorite Chinese restaurants never fail to deliver a worldly culinary experience for the family, but even though many of us have our go-to Chinese restaurants, are they really good restaurants?

You can say that a restaurant is much more than its food, as the experience it provides is also important. Here are some true signs that you’re in a great Chinese restaurant.

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Location, location, location! | 0:00
Spice up your life | 0:53
A word of advice | 1:41
A leap of taste | 2:05
Fortune cookie fail | 2:37
Dim sum, win some | 3:28
Tea time | 4:08

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