The hot pot is simmering, the chow mein is out of this world, and the Peking roasted duck is blowing your mind. The many tastes and flavors at a Chinese restaurant are why Chinese food has become one of the most popular cuisines in America.

Our favorite Chinese restaurants never fail to deliver a worldly culinary experience for the family, but even though many of us have our go-to Chinese restaurants, are they really good restaurants?

You can say that a restaurant is much more than its food, as the experience it provides is also important. Here are some true signs that you’re in a great Chinese restaurant.

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35 thoughts on “Signs You're In A Great Chinese Restaurant”

  1. Many of the Chinese food in America that does not exist in China do exist in the Philippines (beef brocoli, chopsuey, egg rolls, Chowmien noodles cooked in American style, orange chicken….etc.)

  2. Here are some indicators that it's a great Chinese restaurant. First, there's NO BUFFET! People think they're getting a real deal but they're not. Buffets are a way all restaurants get rid of stuff they couldn't sell on the regular menu. Second, look around the restaurant. How many Asian people do you see eating there? If the answer is "0" that means it's probably pretty bad and any Chinese person wouldn't be caught dead eating there. Third, if you look at the menu and nothing sounds familiar. That's right; dishes like Chop Suey or Moo Goo anything are dumbed down American dishes that have been tweaked to satisfy American tastes. Chances are the Chinese owners are in the back with their family sitting down to something you've never heard of. See if you can order off menu.

  3. any asian place that offers jasmine or oolong tea….its already authentic in my book. Tea is drank in EVERY asian country, if they dont have tea from asia, gtfo.

  4. Here in Sacramento, CA, the best Chinese restaurants are on Freeport Boulevard between Sutterville Road and Sacramento Executive Airport and on the "Little Saigon" part of Stockton Boulevard. In short, you have to look up where all the best restaurants congregate.

  5. Technically more Japanese and Thai oriented. But this local one around me is really great. They serve pad thai, a long list of sushi (not with greasy nasty sauces on top), seaweed salad, edamame, spring rolls, and the like. Before I started eating there I had no clue how they tasted. I have been learning more about the East since becoming a Taoist and studying Taoism, but you don't ever truly understand a culture until you live around it. So try as we will, you can't 100% get authentic til you're there. But for now my local restaurants will do. I do the same with Latino restaurants. If they are making their own tortillas and chips and aren't just using fancy names for everything, I trust them more, and if I can converse with them in Mexican or European Spanish.

  6. Just like Mexican restaurants, I find the chinese restaurants with bare or tacky decor, having a soap opera/drama being played on a tube tv, the waitress either being a 10 year old girl or a 90 some year old lady, to be the most delicious restaurants out there. They may not be 100% authentic but they are way better than P.F. Chang's or Panda Express.

  7. "Americanized Chinese food is garbage." Bullshit. That's like saying "Americanized Mexican food is bullshit." Better never touch a burrito again. Those are an American creation with a nod to Mexico. General Tso's chicken is the same. Sorry the food we try to recreate is better than the places we got it from.

  8. I've always found it strange when I go out with some friends and they drink soda while eating greasy Chinese food. That's one way to feel like crap afterward!

  9. Lol the dim sum place that I go to a lot has fortune cookies, but they only give them to non Asian people and the little kids, but only sometime for the kids.

  10. Dim Sum is more "Cantonese" style if you want to call it that. If a restaurant specialises in smth other than cantonese cuisine, there should not be dim sum. It is not a good marker.

  11. A bunch of us went to a Chinese place in SF and while we were in the middle of deciding what to order, the chef came over and said, "forget the menu, I'll fix you some good food". Well, it was mind blowing. So yeah, skip the menu altogether. Just tell them what you're in the mood dine on.

  12. I think Authentic Chinese food is great, but I'm an Asian who grew up in a Asia and lived my whole life here. Practically every "Chinese restaurant" is authentic. But don't forget why American Chinese food even exists. Immigrant Chinese had to change their menu because sales were bad. Those people who grew up with Western tastes found authentic Chinese flavors to taste really bad. Inauthentic American style Chinese food is strategically customized for please western tastes. The statistical probability of a westerner enjoying Chinese food is actually higher the more inauthentic it is.

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