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As many of you know, I recently took a 2 week vaca to China (see previous videos). In today’s episode, you’ll see our trip to CongHua, GuangZhou – aka Hot Spring Resort Town – the entire town is surrounded by natural hot spring which is said to have “healing” powers. While I’m not sure about the “healing” power, it’s certainly relaxing for the mind and body. The specific hotel we stayed at was the Helston Hotel. It was absolutely beautiful. The VIP room included a private hot tub which can be filled with natural hot spring mineral water (100 Yuan/tub). It also included a snack at the Fountain Square (8+ different tubs filled with hot spring water and bags of different herbs/medicine), and buffet breakfast. The breakfast was my favorite – so many different types of dimsum and fresh pastries!

We also stopped in Lu’An and HeFei in AnHui province. Specifically visited Lei Jie (Lei Street), well-known for having a great variety of local street food, including wonton soup, dumplings, pancakes, sugar candy making, hot pot, crayfish, milk teas just to name a few.. there was also a special section for “exotic” food – intestines, different types of bugs..Of course, I happily skipped all that! For entertainment, we watched some people performing Chinese Opera on the stage in the middle of all the restaurants.. It was quite an experience!

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